The Blog aims to educate on general aviation concepts, curate cutting-edge technical information and provide commentary on industry trends. I look to history to make abstract concepts of aviation more digestible so that those new to the field, and those shaping its future, can make more informed decisions about where we are going. I publish new content several times per month. Please reach out to me on Twitter @JamesMarasa

About Me

Early on, my dream was to become a pilot. My first job in high school was at the dispatch desk of a flight school.

In 2003, while working as a flight instructor, I became lost in cloud, with a student in mountainous terrain. The aircraft struck trees but kept flying. An air traffic controller vectored us clear of terrain and back to visual conditions. You can read about that here.

Get In Touch

I am working on a historical fiction novel with a planned released in Spring 2022. Contact me and be first in line for special offers and exclusives.


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